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STEM education on display at the Center for Young Children's open house June 13

INDIANAPOLIS -- But here, some of the next generation's scientists and mathematicians begin their journey. Yes, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education for young children happens right here at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

Applied Sciences Internship Program finishes successful first year

INDIANAPOLIS – ASIP is a strategic effort to link students interested in various industry-related career tracks with quality, paid internship opportunities in the Indianapolis area.

  • Virtual School of Science Commencement 2020

  • Biophysics of fish oil health benefits

    INDIANAPOLIS -- A research group led by physics professor Stephen Wassall, Ph.D., in collaboration with colleagues at IUPUI and researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Wabash College, East Carolina University and other institutions seeks to answer this question. Their approach is to study model membranes that mimic biological membranes into which PUFA incorporate.

    IUPUI chemist tackles lethal designer drugs with rapid, low-cost screening method

    INDIANAPOLIS -- In the United States, deaths from fentanyl, a potent opioid with heroin-like effects, increased at least 200 percent between 2013 and 2015, according to NIDA. The number of fatalities from synthetic cannabinoids -- man-made mind-altering chemicals sprayed on dried, shredded plant material and then smoked or sold as liquids to be inhaled -- has also been climbing rapidly.

    Math Department Announces Its Annual High School Math Contest Winners

    INDIANAPOLIS—  Sponsored by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, the contest concluded Friday, April 14, with an awards ceremony on the IUPUI campus.

    First prize winner:
    -Riley Borgard, Carmel High School

    In January of every year, contest questions and themes are emailed to Indiana high schools and posted online. Students work on the questions independently and mail in their solutions. Sixty-six high school students throughout Indiana worked through these math problems for the competition during the early spring.

  • Science IGNITE (Graduating Student Reception)

  • Science Honors Convocation

  • 2017 IUPUI Regatta

  • IUPUI scientists find risk of lead exposure comes from both ends of firearms

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Risks from firearms actually come from both ends of the barrel, according to an IUPUI study. Individuals at firing ranges are exposed to very high amounts of lead from shooting firearms, and exposure is as high at outdoor firing ranges as it is at indoor ranges.

    These findings are based on a comprehensive literature review led by Gabriel Filippelli, professor of earth sciences in the School of Science at IUPUI, and his team. 


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