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Seven Research Teams, Seven Continents

INDIANAPOLIS -- Faculty from the Department of Earth Sciences have been awarded several grants to research topics ranging from glacial deposits in Antarctica to arc magmatism in the North Pacific. The school has at least one team on every continent conducting high-quality research that will have a significant impact.

Africa: Lixin Wang

Filippelli Leads Climate Scientists in Penning Letter To Gov. Mike Pence

The letter says that the Pence administration needs to take action to address the real issue of climate change.  

Filippelli says the reality of climate change is no longer debated by the scientific community. Yet, the Pence administration does not seem to accept that, which is holding Indiana back from being forward-thinking with technologies and innovations to revolutionize Indiana. 

Filippelli says the voice of experts on climate change has been missing from the Pence administration.

IUPUI's James Hill among youngest African-American tenured professors in computer science

INDIANAPOLIS -- Hill gained that distinction in August, when his tenure appointment in the School of Science took effect. At the time, he was 33 years and five months old. Because of differences in complex university systems, it is challenging to say who is the youngest African-American to become a tenured professor in computer science, but all indications are that Hill is among the two or three youngest to achieve that mark.

The thought that he might attain this distinction came up as he was about to receive his doctorate at Vanderbilt University in 2009.

Researchers launch human clinical trial to halt progression of polycystic kidney disease

INDIANAPOLIS -- Under a three-year, $600,000 Food and Drug Administration grant, Bonnie Blazer-Yost (pictured) and Dr. Sharon Moe will serve as co-principal investigators into whether pioglitazone -- also known by its trade name Actos -- is an effective long-term therapy to stop autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease, or PKD, in its tracks.

Doctorate student receives national forensic science scholarship

INDIANAPOLIS -- Gina Dembinski was named the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation’s 2015 recipient of the Scientific Scholarship in recognition of her fine talents. Dembinski received her master’s degree in forensic science from the School of Science in 2013. She is now pursuing a doctorate degree in biology.

School of Science rows to victory in the seventh annual Regatta

INDIANAPOLIS -- The School of Science had one of its most successful years at the seventh annual IUPUI Regatta. Justin Kosiba, Jeremy Sherer, Dillon Etter and Terra Query took home first place in the co-ed division with their team Science Alumni. Kosiba, a 2004 biology alumnus was excited to be a part of the Regatta again this year. Query and Kosiba both currently serve on the School of Science Alumni Association board.

IUPUI supports Celebrate Science Indiana, which demonstrates importance of studying science

INDIANAPOLIS -- Diane Grob Schmidt, president of the society, presented the ChemLuminary award Aug. 18 at a national meeting, said Yost, a senior biology lecturer in the School of Science. Presented in connection with the 2014 Celebrate Science Indiana, the award recognizes the extraordinary work in promoting chemistry and the chemical sciences. The Indiana Section of the society assisted with the planning of the Celebrate Science Indiana festival.

Physics alum wins Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching

INDIANAPOLIS -- PAEMST is the highest recognition that a K-12 mathematics or science teacher may receive for outstanding teaching in the United States. Only up to 108 teachers are recognized each year.

As a teacher at Avon High School and Avon Advanced Learning Center, Haiducu has spent the last 16 years teaching all levels of physics and mathematics.

IUPUI freshman class among largest, most academically talented in campus history

INDIANAPOLIS --  IUPUI continues to enroll the highest number of Indiana residents in the state.

When the fall semester began Aug. 24, the latest figures showed 3,824 beginning freshmen are enrolled at IUPUI, 2.6 percent lower than in 2014, which had set the record for freshmen enrollment. The incoming freshman class is the second-highest freshman total on record.

The School of Science welcomes 353 incoming freshman -- a 21 percent increase over two years.

Psychology researcher receives early career award from American Pain Society

INDIANAPOLIS -- The John C. Liebeskind Early Career Scholar Award was named in 1998 to honor the memory of John C. Liebeskind, PhD, a past president of APS who was a noted pain researcher, scientist, and teacher. The Early Career Scholar Award recognizes early career achievements that have made outstanding contributions to pain scholarship.


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