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Three large forensic lab desks with students studying and looking into microscopes

Forensic & Investigative Sciences Program


As a forensic and investigative sciences student, you'll be joining a rigorous science-based curriculum. IUPUI's dedicated forensic laboratories are among the best in the nation for undergraduate forensic science programs. You'll use the same tools that experts are using to analyze chemical, biological and physical evidence.

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Did you know?

The Forensic & Investigative Sciences Program is 1 of 22 FEPAC accredited undergraduate programs in the country. 

Indiana has the third largest life science exports in the U.S.

“I wanted to be independent but still be close to my family. IUPUI was in the perfect location, and their forensics program is the best in the state.”

Deise Soria Forensics and Investigative Sciences, Undergraduate

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