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IUPUI Norman Brown Diversity & Leadership Program

The Norman Brown Diversity and Leadership Scholars Program recruits, retains, and prepares serious, academically gifted students who have demonstrated a commitment to social justice.



To be recommended to apply to the Norman Brown Diversity and Leadership Scholarship (NBDLSP), you must first submit an Indiana University Scholarship General Application, then search recommended scholarships to apply for this opportunity.


  1. Go to One.IU
  2. Search for Scholarships
  3. Click on the Scholarships task and log in
  4. If you are new to the Indiana University scholarship system, be sure to complete your General Application to see a list of all recommended scholarship opportunities.
  5. Search Norman Brown within Recommended Opportunities
  6. IF NBDLSP is not in your Recommended Opportunities, click Ours under Opportunities in the dark gray navigation bar along the top instead and search with the keyword "Norman Brown".

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