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IUPUI Stefan S. Davis Regatta Scholarship

The IUPUI Regatta Scholarship is named in honor of Stefan Scott Davis, the Executive Director of the IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations and senior executive with the IU Alumni Association from 1994–2015.

Under Stefan’s leadership and nurturing, the IUPUI Regatta was established in 2009 as a signature program of both the IUPUI campus and the IU Alumni Association, and it quickly grew to become a campus tradition.

This annual scholarship program recognizes Stefan’s long and dedicated service to the campus, the University, and IUPUI’s growing alumni community, and should serve as an example to those who receive support for the role they will play as dedicated IUPUI alumni. If you are awarded the scholarship, you will be recognized at the annual IUPUI Regatta.

Learn more at https://regatta.iupui.edu/about/scholarship.html.

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