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John D. Barnwell Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. John D. Barnwell Memorial Scholarship is to be awarded to a continuing science major (following the Spring 2013 semester) in the School of Science who has effectively integrated the sciences and the arts into his or her undergraduate career, going beyond the minimal requirements of science majors for courses in the arts and humanities.

The nominee may be pursuing a double major in science and arts and humanities, or pursuing a minor in the arts and humanities.  Or, he or she could be involved in the arts and humanities in other ways.  For example, having art as a hobby or playing in an orchestra, or just being a patron of the arts.

Furthermore, the nominee should reflect the character and values that Dr. John Barnwell represented and encouraged.  These are:  high personal standards of ethics and scholarship, respect for the principles of friendship, and a deep appreciation for the importance of process in the conduct of one’s life.   That is, how does the nominee handle life?  What set of life affirming and honest values does he or she possess which overcome the circumstances of his or her life, making it productive, satisfying and inspirational to others?  One letter of recommendation from a School of Science faculty member is required.

The magic of math and music

Tyler Foxworthy Mathematics, Undergraduate