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Professor explaining concepts at a black board

Why Mathematical Sciences

The IUPUI Department of Mathematical Sciences is a vibrant academic community with prominent researchers in several areas of mathematics and statistics.

We prioritize collaborative and interdisciplinary study, including life sciences research, as the Indiana University School of Medicine is also located at IUPUI. With a low student/faculty ratio, the department offers students many opportunities for close student-faculty interaction and guidance. The department is housed within the School of Science at IUPUI, which is part of the Purdue University state-wide academic system. The mathematics degrees are conferred through the Purdue University system while the biostatics degree is conferred through the Indiana University System.    See our presentation on the city, campus and department.

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Admissions requirements and deadlines vary by program. Current department data includes:

  • Graduate Students
    • Full-time (including teaching assistants): 58
    • Full-time female: 19
    • Full-time first year: 23
    • Full-time first year female: 10
    • Part-time: 16
  • Faculty
    • Total faculty: 49
    • Tenured faculty: 33
    • Tenured female: 4
    • Tenured faculty who publishes in last 3 years: 28

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  • The diversity of our faculty's research mirrors the intellectual trends of mathematics in a time of burgeoning applications. 

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Pediatric cardiac surgeon makes connection through mathematics

John Kupferschmid 1978 Alumnus, B.S. Mathematics, Pre-Med
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