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Mathematical Sciences Colloquia


3/6/2020           Martin Guest, Waseda University, Tokyo (Host - A. Its) Title: Polytopes, supersymmetry, and integrable systems

2/28/2020         Qifan Song, Purdue University (Host - H. Peng) Title: Rate minimaxity and false discovery control for high dimensional regression

2/21/2020         Jim Keener, University of Utah (Host - J. Arciero) Title: The Mathematics of Life: Making Diffusion Your Friend

2/14/2020         Michael Larsen, IU Bloomington (Host - W. Geller) Title: Waring's problem for finite simple groups

1/24/2020          Michael Gekhtman, University of Notre Dame (Host - E. Mukhin) Title: Five Glimpses of Cluster Algebras


12/13/2019          Xiaoguang Wang, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China (Host - R. Roeder) Title: Root finding and Newton's method for polynomials

11/22/2019           Christian Klein, Institut de Mathematiques de Bourgogne, University of Burgundy (Host - A. Its) Title: Dispersive shocks and blow up

11/22/2019           Silas Alben, University of Michigan (Host - L. Zhu) Title: Dynamics of model snakes and elastic sheets

11/8/2019             Peter Dragnev, Purdue Fort Wayne (Host - M. Yattselev) Title: Mastodon Theorem - 20 Years in the Making

11/1/2019             Michael Gekhtman, Notre Dame University (Host - E. Mukhin) Title: Five Glimpses of Cluster Algebras

10/25/2019          Stefanos Folias, University of Alaska Anchorage (Host - J. Arciero) Title: Spatially-Structured Equilibria, Oscillations, and Waves in Neural Fields

10/18/2019          Lilly Wang, Iowa State University (Host - H. Wang) Title: Statistical Modeling and Inference for Next-Generation Functional Data Analysis

10/11/2019          John Harnad, CRM Montreal (Host - A. Its) Title: Generating weighted Hurwitz numbers using t-functions for integrable hierarchies

9/20/2010           Jani Virtanen, Unviersity of Reading, England (Host - A. Its) Title: On the properties and applications of Hankel operators and matrices

9/20/2019            Hang Wang, East China Normal University (Host - D. Ramras) Title: Index Theory of Elliptic Operators on Spaces with Symmetries

9/13/2019             Ken McLaughlin, Colorado State University (Host - A. Its and M. Yattselev) Title: Some interesting phenomena, limits, and a few open questions regarding integrable PDEs (linear and nonlinear)

8/30/2019            Alfredo Deano, University of Kent, UK (Host - P. Bleher) Title: Painleve equations and non-Hermitian random matrix ensembles 

04/26/2019          Nabendu Pal, Unviersity of Louisana at Lafayette (Host - J. Sarkar) Title: Inferences under a Skew-Normal Distribution

04/19/2019          Rana Parshad, Iowa State University (Host - L. Rubchinsky) Title: Mathematics of Biological Control via Additional Food

04/05/2019          Guanqun Cao, Auburn University (Host - H. Wang) Title: Estimation and Inference for Functional Linear Regression Models with Varying Regression Coefficients

03/29/2019          Pavel Etingof, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Host - Graduate students) Title: Double affine Hecke algebras and their applications

03/22/2019          Igor Pritsker, Oklahoma State University (Host - P. Bleher) Title: Equilibrium of discrete charges on the real line

02/22/2019         Donald Saari, University of California at Irvine (Host - B. Kitchens) Title: Mathematics: From voting theory to the 'dark matter' mystery of astronomy

02/15/2019         Dan Goldman, University of Western Ontario (Canada) (Host - J. Arciero) Title: A dynamic, multi-scale model of oxygen transport and blood flow regulation in skeletal muscle

02/08/2019        Leonid Chekhov, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow Michigan State University (Host - V. Tarasov) Title: SLk character varieties and quantum cluster algebras

02/01/2019        Andrew Putman, Notre Dame University (Host - D. Ramras) Title: The mapping class group of a surface

01/25/2019        Aaron Brown, University of Chicago (Host - W. Geller) Title: Actions of Lattices on Manifolds


12/7/2018          Alexander Blokh, University of Alabama at Birmingham (Host - M. Misiurewicz) Title: Renormalization towers and their forcing

11/30/2018       Andrei Martinez-Finkelshtein, Baylor University, Texas University of Almeria, Spain (Host - A. Its) Title: An orthogonal polynomials approach to Poncelet's theorem, numerical range, Blaschke products, and beyond...

11/16/2018       Bikas Kumar Sinha, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata *Retired* (Host - J. Sarkar) Title: Group Testing Designs: A Combinatorial Marvel 

11/9/2018          Luis Giraldo Suarez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain  (Hot - W. Geller) Title: Holomorphic foliations and complex polynomial vector fields

11/2/2018           Pierre Albin, UIUC (Host - D. Ramras) Title: Hodge theory of pseudomanifolds 

10/19/2018        Steve Hurder, University of Illinois at Chicago (Host - B. Kitchens) Title: Geometry and Dynamics of Solenoids

10/12/2018         Artem Pulemotov, University of Queensland (Host - R. Roeder) Title: The prescribed Ricci curvature problem on homogeneous spaces

10/5/2018           Eva Gallardo-Gutierrez, University Complutense Madrid (Host - C. Cowen) Title: On Bishop operators: looking for "easy" counterexamples to the Invariant Subspace Problem

9/28/2018           Pengtao Sun, University of Nevada (Host - L. Zhu) Title: Numerical studies for unsteady moving interface problems and applications to fluid-structure interactions (FSI)

9/21/2018           Amit Bose, New Jersey Institute of Technology (Host - L. Rubchinsky) Title: Understanding entrainment properties of circadian oscillator models using a one-dimensional map

9/14/2018           Erik Van Erp, Dartmouth University (Wabash conference speaker) (Host - D. Ramras/R. Ji) Title: A brief history of index theory with a footnote

9/7/2018             Haiying Wang, University of Connecticut (Host -  F. Tan) Title: More Efficient Estimation for Logistic Regression with Optimal Subsamples

8/31/2018           Russell Lyons, Indiana University (Host - R. Roeder) Title: Random walks on groups and the Kaimanovich-Vershik conjecture

4/27/2018           Ganggang Xu, Binghamton University, SUNY (Host - Z. Shang) Title: Stochastic Quasi-Likelihood for Case-Control Point Pattern Data

4/20/2018           Michael Shub, The City College of New York (Host - B. Kitchens) Title: Periodic Point Growth for C^2 Maps of the Two Sphere

3/30/2018           Dr. Andrea Bertozzi, University of California, Los Angeles (Host - G. Mohler) Title: Geometric Graph-Based Methods for High Dimensional Data

3/23/2018           Ilya Kachkovskiy, Michigan State University (Host - American Mathematical Society Student Chapter of IUPUI (Andrei Prokhorov)) Title: Almost commuting matrices

3/9/2018             Hong-Kun Zhang, University of Massachusetts Amherst  (Host - R. Roeder) Title: Diffusion properties for Lorentz gas

2/23/2018           Professor Guihua Gong, University of Puerto Rico (Host - D. Ramras) Title: Introduction to non commutative geometry and classification of non commutative spaces

2/16/2018           Professor Jyoti Sarkar, IUPUI (Host - N/A) Title: Score-Based Secretary Problem 

2/9/2018             Professor Steve Damelin, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Host - A. Its & P. Bleher) Title: Unitary Approximation and Best Packing 


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