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Broxton Bird, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator


Dr. Bird is a paleoclimatologist that uses the physical and geochemical properties of lake sediment archives to investigate a range of climatic and earth systems processes during the late Quaternary (last ~1 million years), with a specific focus on the Holocene (last 11,700 years). In particular, Dr. Bird is interested in hydrologic responses during long-term and abrupt climate events in order to better understand how continued warming may impact water resources.

Specific areas of research are centered around investigating monsoonal variability in South American and South Asia and drought variability in the midcontinental United States. As part of his research, Dr. Bird also works collaboratively with archaeologists, geomorphologists, and other social and Earth scientists in order to investigate climate-society-landscape interactions through time.

Student researchers play an integral role in Dr. Bird’s research program and those interested in undergraduate or graduate research are encouraged to reach out to Dr. Bird about possible opportunities.


Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA, 2009

M.Sc., California State University Fullerton, Fullerton CA, 2005

B.A., Hamilton College, Clinton NY, 1999

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