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Getting Involved

There are always opening in the PSL. Whether you are looking to work in research for a few semesters, or want to purse a Ph.D. program, the PSL has you covered.

Undergraduates Paleoclimate Research Opportunities at IUPUI:

Research opportunities are currently available for undergraduate students interested in participating in ongoing paleoclimate research right here in Indiana and beyond. Contact Dr. Bird directly to inquire about what opportunities are available.

Working in a lab as a research assistant allows you to gain some great experience and serious credentials that will help you in your future career path. As a research assistant in the PSL, you will gain hands-on research experience, collaborate with a professor who is an expert in her field, and get to know other professors and graduate students at IUPUI through joint lab meetings.

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Graduate Research Opportunities:

The PSL is currently seeking applicants that wish to pursue to work in a paleoclimatology research lab in the Department of Earth Sciences at IUPUI. The student will work on NSF funded research that could take them to places all over the world! Before, we have explored places such as Midwest U.S., Tibet, Peru, Colombia, and more.

The research will include extensive fieldwork in addition to a variety of laboratory and analytical activities. Familiarity with sediment cores, physical sedimentology and isotope geochemistry is desired, but not essential. Those seeking a M.Sc. are particularly encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should send their C.V. directly to Dr. Broxton Bird. Please contact Dr. Bird with any questions about the positions.

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