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Meghan Lowery

Adjunct Professor, Psychology
Primary Appointment: Consultant, Global Assessment/Workforce Research, Eli Lilly and Company
Department of Psychology

Meghan Lowery, Ph.D., is in the Workforce Research group in the HR Talent Management COE at Eli Lilly & Co., and has responsibility for the design, administration, delivery, and analysis of a variety of workforce research/talent analytics projects.  She provides consulting expertise to a variety of business partners to answer intriguing questions about the Lilly workforce. She also maintains firm connections with benchmarking/best practices memberships (e.g., The Mayflower Group, Attrition Retention Consortium), and professional memberships (e.g., SIOP). She joined Lilly in 2015 from St. Louis, MO after 4 years as Director, Organizational Consulting at Psychological Associates, where she led the Surveys & Feedback department and served as a consultant to Fortune 500 businesses in the areas of talent management, executive coaching, assessments for selection and development, leadership development, and C-suite consultative services. Additional experience has included a Director-level role overseeing a graduate student-run consulting firm, and holding adjunct faculty roles at multiple universities.  Meghan earned a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (2010, Southern Illinois University Carbondale), a M.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (2007, Missouri State University), and a B.S. with Honors in Psychology with a minor in Leadership Communication (2005, Texas State University).  See more at www.meghanloweryphd.com.

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