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Science and IUPUI scholarships

120 Results

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  1. Oakville Therapist Scholarship

    We are seeking to award this to individuals interested in pursuing a career as a psychologist or therapist. Submit a 250 word essay, why you want to be a psychologist or therapist and what you hope...

    • Award Amount: $1,000
    • Application Deadline: June, 29, 2017
  2. Physics Han Paik Mentoring Award

    Dr. Paik joined the faculty of Purdue University in Indianapolis in 1962. His career encompassed the creation of IUPUI in 1969, and the move of the School of Science from 38th Street to the current...

  3. Physics Outstanding Graduate Student Award

    The Outstanding Physics Graduate Student Award is given to an outstanding graduate student in the Physics Department. There is no application, as students are selected for this award by the...

  4. Physics University Award

    The University Physics Award is given to an outstanding student in the PHYS 15200 / PHYS 25100 course sequence. There is no application, as students are selected for this award by the Department...

  5. Pre-Med Club IUPUI Academic Scholarship

    Based on availability of funds, this scholarship will be awarded once a year in the Fall semester. This scholarship recognizes an outstanding student who will be a junior, or first semester senior...

    • Award Amount: Up to $500
    • Application Deadline: January, 15, 2019
    • Contact: Pre-Medicine Club at IUPUI
    • Application: Learn more and apply
  6. Project SEED Scholarship

    The Project SEED Scholarship is intended for Indianapolis-area students who have successfully participated in Project SEED, a program of the American Chemical Society—Indiana Section. Students must...

  7. Psychology Clinical Psych Award

    This award recognizes a graduate student with outstanding performance in clinical work and training. Criteria include performance in clinical coursework (intervention and assessment coursework),...