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Tyler Beatty, Neuroscience, Undergraduate

Neuroscience program arrives at the perfect time for IUPUI freshman

Tyler Beatty | Neuroscience, Undergraduate | Neuroscience Program With two parents working in the medical industry, Tyler Beatty learned early that he wanted to study in a field in which he could help people and understand what makes the body and brain function.

Still, he remained undecided in what he considered the right major as the start of his freshman semester at IUPUI approached this fall. The summer launch of the Neuroscience Program at the School of Science came just at the right time, he said, and offered him what he now considers is the right blend of science and opportunity for the next four years. 

“The brain really excites me,” said Beatty, a 2012 graduate of Franklin Central High School. “I really have an interest in understanding mental illness and being able to understand how chemical balance and biological factors influence a person’s actions.” 

Beatty’s specific interests include pursuing a career as a pediatric neurologist. He has been a longtime volunteer for events to support the Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. 

Neuroscience addresses the structure and function of the nervous system, with particular focus on the intersection between brain and behavior. The new undergraduate program provides an interdisciplinary curriculum in psychology, biology, chemistry, mathematics and medicine to help students understand brain functions. The program is an excellent foundation for advanced study in professional health fields.

“Science seems to be the best way for me to give back and learn to create solutions to problems that people don’t really understand right now,” he added. He is considering taking courses in philanthropic studies at IUPUI as well.

The fact that Neuroscience is a new program at IUPUI doesn’t concern him either. From his first Jag Day visit to IUPUI (then a prospective biology student), Beatty said the university and science representatives have been attentive to his needs and responsive to his questions as a freshman. He didn’t get the same welcome from larger universities he visited, he said.

“I think it’s great, this idea that I’m one of the first students to be in this program. There is so much to keep discovering (in neuroscience) and this is going to be the right field to be in for the future,” Beatty said.

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