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Students researching in a lab

Student research opportunities

Across campus, collaboration occurs with scientists in IUPUI's 5 medical centers as well as the campus' professional schools of medicine, nursing, and dentistry.

School of Science faculty and students collaborate with industry leaders such as Eli Lilly and Company, Cisco Systems, and smaller start-ups like My Health Care Manager. A unique strength of the School of Science is the location of all seven of its science departments in two linked buildings. This proximity promotes a collaborative atmosphere, and ongoing conversations among the various disciplines.

When scientists join collective talents and skills, impressive things happen. At IUPUI, joint ventures have led to the development of exciting new programs, like Biocomputing -- a discipline that integrates biomedical concepts and computer science techniques.

Undergraduate Research

Participating in undergraduate research is an excellent way for students to challenge themselves, build relationships with senior scientists, and add depth to their university experience.

Scientific research requires not only evidence and logic, but also honesty, creativity, patience, and openness to new ideas. The problem-solving and reasoning skills you develop, as well as an increased understanding of science, will provide a great foundation for approaching any type of work and engaging your community. Plus, these are qualities and skills valued by many employers and graduate and professional school admission officers.

Benefits of Undergraduate Research

  • Contribute to knowledge
  • Learn more about something that interests you passionately
  • Learn what research is all about
  • See if you want to go to graduate school or get a "real" job
  • Build relationships with senior scientists
  • Be eligible for scholarships and stipends
  • Be able to swipe your own JagTag to get into a research lab
  • Have an edge in your job search/grad school application/professional school application;
  • Get a reference letter from a professor
  • Get a RISE "research" notation on your transcript
  • Attend and present your work at a local, regional or even national scientific conference
  • Contribute to a paper published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal

Explore the Opportunities Available in Science

Every department in the School of Science offers undergraduate research opportunities. You can pursue research outside your major. For example, many biology, chemistry and math students do research in the physics department.

IUPUI Programs & Funding

Here are just some of the program and funding opportunities available to IUPUI students:

University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center Summer Undergraduate Fellowship

The University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center Summer Undergraduate Fellowship program supports undergraduate students who are interested in cardiovascular research. Any student who is currently enrolled at any degree granting University or College is eligible to apply for this opportunity, with preference given to those students interested in a career in research.

Each student will be matched, based on his or her interests, to a laboratory that is led by a faculty member of the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center. This collection of laboratories is involved in internationally recognized research in topics such as atherosclerosis, genetic cardiomyopathies, blood clotting disorders, cardiac arrhythmias, vascular biology, and heart failure.

The stipend will be $4,000 for ten weeks of full-time work, starting the Tuesday after Memorial Day and ending around the first week of August. There will be a research forum at the end of the summer in which fellows will present their work, as well as opportunities to attend research seminars throughout the summer.

The application for our 2017 Frankel CVC Summer Undergraduate Fellowship program is currently open and the deadline for submission is January 31, 2017. I have also included a flyer to forward on to students you feel may be interested. Thank you.

Learn more and apply

Academic Year Undergraduate Research Programs

Summer Undergraduate Research Programs

Life-Health Sciences Internships

Life-Health Sciences Internships connect IUPUI life and health sciences undergraduates with research and professional experience internships on and near the IUPUI campus.

  • This program helps students to explore their career objectives and future career pathways while also fostering valuable professional connections between students and faculty and staff.
  • The students belong to a community of interns and mentors who support one another throughout the internship experience and beyond. 
  • Learn more and apply.

Graduate Research

  • One of the most important facets of a graduate-level scientific education is the development and enhancement of research capabilities.
  • In the majority of our graduate programs, students work hand-in-hand with their faculty mentors to identify a niche subject for their thesis. Students go on to test their theses firsthand, conducting research in the lab and in the field.
  • The School of Science Graduate Student Council and the IUPUI Graduate Office both offer travel awards and fellowships to help cover the cost of national conference travel expenses.
See Science graduate programs

Explore Research in each Science Department and Program

Every department in the School of Science offers undergraduate research opportunities. You can pursue research outside your major. For example, many biology, chemistry and math students do research in the physics department.

Faculty Research

  • The IUPUI School of Science is home to world-renowned faculty and scientists.
  • At any point in time an array of research projects are underway, studying the life sciences, physical sciences, and mathematical sciences.
  • Our collaborative research centers provide excellent opportunities for faculty and students to pursue original research endeavors.
See Science research centers

Faculty Awards


K-12 Students

The School of Science and the IUPUI Center for Research and Learning offer a variety of programs created to encourage children's natural interest in the sciences.  For more information about any of these programs, contact us.

Summer Research & Science Education

Competitions, Fairs & Conferences

Colleges Courses and Credit for High School Students

  • SPAN: SPAN offers many opportunities that can be configured many ways. It permits motivated high school students to get started on their college education or just take courses that are not available at their local high school.
  • Project Lead the Way: IUPUI students can receive college credit for Project Lead the Way Biomedical Sciences courses either by taking the course at IUPUI or having received a stanine score of 6 or higher on the end of course assessment from their high school course.
Contact us to learn more

“My mentors at IUPUI gave me a level of responsibility in the lab that provided an advantage when I was working in new areas at NYU.”

Ahmed Malik Chemistry, Undergraduate
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