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  • 2019 Drs. Arthur and Patricia Mirsky Memorial Lecture

  • The Greatest Night in Science

  • Giving Tuesday

  • Nitrogen study casts doubt on ability of plants to continue absorbing same amounts of carbon dioxide

    A new study casts doubt as to whether plants will continue to absorb as much carbon dioxide in the future as they have in the past due to declining availability of nitrogen in certain parts of the world.

  • Earth Science Alumni Reception

  • 360 Dust Analysis program at IUPUI offers free test of household dust contaminants

    Written By: Cindy Fox

    INDIANAPOLIS -- Dust is almost everywhere. It's certainly annoying, but is it harmful?

    Now, U.S. and Canadian households can easily determine whether the dust in their homes is harboring dangerous contaminants such as lead or chromium by sending what they collect when vacuuming to the Center for Urban Health at IUPUI for free analysis as part of the global 360 Dust Analysis project.

    Pollution-related disease presents global environmental challenge

  • Lessons from corals about environmental change: past, present & future

  • What's in your bag? Kathy Licht packs for survival and cool research

    Kathy Licht has conducted field research in Antarctica for almost 25 years, first as a geological sciences graduate student at the University of Colorado and now as an associate professor of earth science at IUPUI.

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