Dr. Lixin Wang is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Earth Sciences, Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis (IUPUI). Dr. Wang’s research focuses on the interactions between water, vegetation and soil nutrients in various ecosystems and how these dynamic interactions respond to future climate change. Dr. Wang uses stable isotopes (at both natural abundance level and enriched tracer level), greenhouse work, field manipulation/observation and modelling approach to address his research questions.

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Current Members

Kudzai Farai Kaseke

PhD candidate (2014-present)

University of Stellenbosch, MS

University of Zimbabwe, BS

Xuefei Lu

PhD candidate (2015-present)

Michigan Technological University, MS

Tongji University, ME

Nanjing University of Technology, BE

Stefani Daryanto

Postdoc (Schlumberger Fellow)


Univ. of New South Wales, PhD

Univ. of New South Wales, MS

Bogor Agricultural University-Bogor, Indonesia, BS

Now a postdoc fellow at Beijing Normal University

Lara Martinez

Project SEED Intern (2014, 2015)

Herron High School

Chao Tian

Postdoc (2015-present)

Chinese Academy of Forestry, PhD

Agricultural University of Hebei, BS, MS

Bonan Li

MS student (2015-2017)

(co-advising with Prof. Lin Li)

Chengdu University of Technology, BS

Now PhD student at Orogen State University

Truc Kha

Project SEED Intern (2016)

Avon High School

Angelica Murillo

Project SEED Intern (2016)

Lawrence Central High School

Matt Lanning

MS student (2016-present)

Niagara University, BS

Daniel Elias

Postdoc (2016-2017)

Ball State University, PhD

Now Assistant Professor at

North Carolina Wesleyan College

Wenzhe Jiao

PhD student (2017-present)

Bishwodeep Adhikari

MS student (2017-present)

Maria Bashmakov

Project SEED Intern (2017)

Carmel High School

Danielle Metangmo

Project SEED Intern (2017)

Cardinal Ritter High School

Theresa Hudson

Summer Intern to Namibia (2017)


Rhiannon Benge

Undergraduate researcher (2017-present)

Amanda Evans

Undergraduate researcher (2017-present)