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Fall GEOL-G430/G690 Principles of Hydrology

GEOL-G 430: Principles of Hydrology (3 credit hours). Hydrologic sciences attempt to refine our understanding of the patterns and processes of water movement, storage and transformation (evaporation and condensation) in the environment. It focuses on how landscape characteristics (including human modifications) and weather influence the transformation and movement of water on the earth’s surface. 

Spring GEOL-G107 Environmental Geology

GEOL-G 107: Environmental Geology (3 credit hours). Environmental geology treats a broad range of topics, all related by the interactions between geologic processes and society. These include natural resources, natural hazards, and their policy implications in the face of an unrelenting increase in human population and economic growth. 

Spring GEOL-G490/G690 Climate Change and Society

GEOL-G 490: Climate Change (3 credit hours). This course will discuss the causes and consequences of climate change. Particularly, we will discuss the consequences of climate change in the context of the nexus of food, energy and water systems.